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Notes: Bold means another time.

Hours later…

The echoes across the hallways are filled with yelling. We are children, we argue, we laugh, we love but, most of all we fight.

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

I'm not going to lose the argument when I know I am right. I have yet to prove my point across but, he has yet to listen.

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

He always defends him.

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

I'm his best friend but, couldn't he take my side for once?

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

"Does too, does too, does too." I say quickly. I don't care what Goten says I am right.

"But Trunks," Goten moans. I don't feel pity for him at all, "Gohan isn't a geek."

I shake my head in disagreement, "Gohan is!" I stick my tongue out at him, "have you seen the way Gohan prances around in the stupid costume?"

Saiyaman… 'Guardian of the city! I am the one and only the great Saiyaman!'  How can anyone think that is not bullshit? It sounds so lame, I would rather listen to Dad singing than him –Dad sounds terrible in the shower, even though I have no idea what he singing. I only know he's singing old songs from when he was on Planet Vegeta.

"But, it isn't stupid. It's really cool!" Goten says with enthusiasm.

I whisper, "That's what Gohan wants to believe."  

This is the story of my life. No-one believes what I believe. Honestly why would I believe the stories of the past about Gohan the geek saving the world? Who would believe those farfetched stories? Apparently everyone I know does. And Gohan beating Cell? Don't make me laugh, that has got to be a lie. Gohan having the power to do something besides getting A's in school? Now that is funny.

I don't even know how he is a saiyan, I probably have more power then he does. I bet he can't turn super saiyan and if he can I bet it was a fluke.

Goten waves his hand in front of me, "Hello Trunks, hello. Mum just called us for lunch."

I nod, "Sorry, I was just thinking." I speak.

We start walking over to the kitchen. Our footsteps can be heard.

Goten asks, "Trunks?"

"What is it?" I reply in boredom. I hope it isn't something stupid he has to say or ask.

"What were you thinking about?" Goten asks.

"Of how much Gohan is a geek." I laugh and run to the table.

"Hey Trunks, you're so mean! Gohan has done nothing to you." Goten pouts and sits across from me.

"Like I didn't know that already Goten, you say that all the time to me." I scrunch up my face at Goten.

Goten sticks his tongue out at me defensively. He always fails to win against me.

I turn behind me wondering and waiting for someone to bring us food. I'm so hungry…

"Where's the food?" Goten asks trying to wipe dribble from his face as we Chi-Chi bring food over to the table.

"Here Goten and Trunks, and it doesn't hurt to leave some for later." Chi-Chi puts the food on the table.  

"Thank you!" Goten and I say as we grab food and start eating it.

Later that day…

Gohan this, Gohan that. That is ALL I EVER HEAR!

Goten never shuts up about him. It's is so frustrating I swear. All I want to do is bash my head against the wall. Maybe I might forget who he is.

Finally I am left alone and all I can hear are all these annoying voices in my head. All about Gohan! GOHAN! The geek!

I've honestly have had enough, I have to listen to the same name for most of the day and I can't tell if I am still sane?

I'm so annoyed! The weather sure fits my mood. I'm annoyed and I can hear thunder, must be a coincidence or something. The dark sky can be seen from behind the clear curtains; I'm tired –tired of listening to his name.

The knocking on the door and the movement of the door makes a sound. I know someone is coming in here to say it's time for bed, "Trunks, bedtime." Dad growls at lovingly as he can. I bet Mum threatened Dad with food, the gravity room or sex.

"Dad can you tell me story?" Jumping onto my bed and laying under my sheets, I beg, "please."

"Once upon a time," My Dad starts as he sits on the end of my bed. I lay excited. Dad is actually making an effort for once. I stare patiently as Dad continues, "the end." Dad finishes. Well it was worth a shot.

"Thanks Dad." Normally Dad yells at me saying that I am a saiyan and that I don't need a bedtime story. Something must be wrong or something is wrong. I sit up in bed, "Dad wait!" I call out.

"What Trunks? What is it brat?" Dad asks at my doorway.

"Is something wrong Dad?" I ask. Something has Dad in a twist. Normally he is fine.

"I know what you're thinking about Trunks but, you don't know anything." Dad says in a quiet voice. What is up with Dad?

"Anything… what are you talking about?" I ask pleading for an answer. What had got my Dad so worked up?

"Gohan," I move in shock. Oh no. He knows. I am so dead or he is going to do something bad. Dad speaks as he notices I've flinched, "you don't know what Gohan went through as a brat."

"It is probably nothing," I mutter, "nothing at all."

Anger takes over Dad's face, "Trunks what you have as a childhood, the brat had only had one until he was four, how can you say that is nothing at all?"

"What…?" Gohan didn't have much of a childhood? I heard he was kidnapped, I thought that was just some disgusting joke. Maybe it is, but I'll believe what I want to believe.

"I in the very least had until I was eight but, Gohan grew up sheltered, I grew up as royalty everything was handed to me. But Gohan has mostly had to earn his power but, you just sit around pulling pranks all day about things that you don't even know anything about." Dad walks up to me. Is he going to hurt me?

"So what? He turned out to be a geek – but how can he be all you say he is?" I argue, "Fighting aliens, androids? I won't believe it." I stare into my father's eyes, "He has become some superheroey geek. He is all words, no fight." The words the come out of my mouth don't make me scared. They don't frighten me.  

Dad looks at me in disbelief, "Gohan may be a geek to you and it is a waste of power for him to be doing no training but, you can't just judge someone when you don't know. Because you clearly don't know him at all."

I don't care. I just want the world shut up about Gohan. I don't know what to say to Dad, I'm not going to apologise because I will not in any way mean it.

Dad yawns, "We'll talk about this tomorrow." Dad exits my room.

What the hell just happened? That is what I want to know.

Meanwhile, in another place and time…

"Mum! Mum! It fits, I don't know how but, it fits. I found it in my closet but, I don't know it got there." I say calling out to Mum wearing an orange gi I found.

"Oh honey your father probably put it in there. I think he was waiting for you to find it on your birthday, I don't think you did though." Mum says.

"On my birthday…? Did Dad put this in there over a year ago?" I ask. I can't believe I didn't find it.

"Yes he did. He thought it was too big. Good thing you found it just now so it fits you." Mum says looking proudly at me.

"I just wish I found it then, you know when Dad was alive." I look at Mum sadly.

"I know, honey, I know. You look so much like your father." Mum looks at me head to toe.

"Thanks Mum, so the tournament is tomorrow?" I grin while speaking.

"Yep and when you win we're going to buy things for this one," Mum puts her hands her stomach. "You'll do well Gohan."

I blush, "Thanks Mum."

"I bet your father will be watching. He won't miss it especially because it is his son's first tournament. YOU HEAR THAT GOKU!" Mum yells to Dad as if he can hear. It is actually normal for my mother to yell things to my father. Even if he is in the next dimension…

In otherworld

"Loud and clear," Goku says with fear, "I won't miss watching that tournament for the world. Gohan you're going to do well, I'm proud of you."

In the morning, present time…

"So Dad what were you going to say?" I say standing in his gravity room. I need to know. He has kept me up all night; I have to say the suspense is killing me.

"I think you should experience his past." Dad announces.

"WHAT!" I can't believe this. This is insane.

"Well not live in his place; just be there and of course. I will have the dragon take away your powers until you learn your lesson." Dad grins smugly. Does he enjoy torturing me or something? Wait… this is my father, he loves causing me pain.

"WHAT!" I yell in disbelief.

"You're going back in time to where Gohan stopped fighting. I don't know if he will be fighting in the time you're going to but, oh well. I actually hope he is fighting but, either way you have to come to terms with your issues and deal with them. You won't be leaving the past until you do." Dad is being to evil.

"Why are you doing this Dad?" I want to know. Does he enjoy torturing me or something? Wait… this is my father, he loves causing me pain.

"Because you need to know and learn why some might stop fighting. It isn't to make it harder on people like you, it's because there are reasons behind people quitting things.
And since you won't talk to Gohan 'the geek' here then how about when he is younger?" Dad scowls at me. But doesn't Dad not even care for Gohan? Why would he bother?

"Wait Dad, are you serious?" I need to know. This is just insane.

"Oh I am very serious, I already had Piccolo hunt down the dragon balls and any minute now you'll be gone." Piccolo agreed to this, I am so dead.

"What about Mum?" Remembering Mum would not agree to something like this. She would lose it.

"Oh the woman? I'll deal with her wraith later after you learn a lesson." I flinch, I don't see myself getting out of this, "Oh and Trunks the longer is takes for you to swallow up that small pride you have, the longer you'll be gone from here." I really need to lie down.

"But can't you say to the dragon in part of the wish that no time will be passing when I get back?" I suggest. I hope he will go for it…

"No, that'll make it no fun at all." Dad says smirking. I look down in defeat. Why is this happening? Maybe I should've been nicer to Gohan.

I start to hearing cracking sound. As I look outside the window I see the sky lighting up with thunder and lighting. This is it. I'm really going away aren't I? I can see it all through the window.

"Oh and Trunks," Dad says, "Kakarot's youngest spawn will be coming with you. He needs a lesson too." At least I won't be alone but, Goten? He's going to not shut up about his brother –this is just what I need.

"What is that lesson?" I wonder…

"Don't be friends with a prince." Dad laughs as I am torn away from the gravity room.

Next thing I know I am next to Goten? Where are we? Why were we stuck in a crowd full of people? Only time could tell.

"I hope Piccolo comes. I wonder if Krillin and the others will too." Goten and I see a boy that looks just like Gohan. But it can't be him, he looks like a fighter. What in Dende's name happened to him? "I hope they have some good food but, Mum told me to hurry up, she is so much worse ever since she pregnant."

I grab Goten and run make sure we a safe distance away from Gohan. Hiding behind a rock, I explain, "We're over seven years in the past." I whisper.

"And what does that mean." Goten asks, "Why are we here?"

"To learn something, for some reason." I try to explain. I know Dad is pissed at me for only knowing Gohan as a geek –which he is but, there is must be more reasoning behind it.

"That's not useful. Trunks, I want to go home." He moans. I would rather be at home than here.

"I want to be home to." I sense out energies. There is everyone's ki I can normally recognise but, they are all much weaker except Gohan's. I notice another ki that is the same as my own but, is stronger. I wonder who they are but, one thing I do notice now is Goten's is not born yet.  

I try to power up. I stutter, "We're powerless to do anything." I realise this is not good. Dad did make Goten and I both powerless.

"We don't have our powers," Goten looks at me sadly as he tries to power up, "what are we going to do?"

I don't want geeky Gohan protecting me and I don't even know if we should hide or not but, one thing is for sure, "I don't know what we are going to do." I mutter in defeat.

"Trunks," Goten puts his hand on my shoulder. He knows I barely get like this; all sad and defeated.

"I really don't know how we are going to get home." But I know what I have to do. Swallow up my pride, but I don't want to yet. I'm not ready.
Lol...I just found out there is max on the words for titles. (I was only one letter short but, I ended up shortening chapter).

Another month on deviantart (I'll make a tradition for every month, I'll make sure to put a piece of work up :)).

The story may be a bit confusing but, I'll work on that in future chapters. I'll put something like present or past for the beginning of each chapter, later on. (I've only written present chapters, not past ones, so I'll work on some of those soon). And I'll have a few chapters up soon -just got to do some editing.

Writing the saiyaman bit almost killed me -I don't hate saiyaman but, the line was so pathetic (sorry if I'm offending anyone). And Sorry for Gohan bashing but, Trunks will learn his lesson.

Thankies for reading!

Pink Sparkles

Prologue: [link]
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